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Our Export-U website
offers 20 free webinars on 15 key export topics.

Here are direct links to the sessions:

1: Are You Ready to Export?–  The Myths and Realities of Exporting

 2: Market Intelligence – Finding Profitable Overseas Markets

3: More Intelligence – Refining Your List of Target Markets

4: Costing and Pricing – How to Price Your Product

5: Approaching the Market  Finding Overseas Business Partners

6: Trade Shows – Finding Sales at International Events

7: INCOTERMS – Globally Standardized Shipping Terms

8: Payment Terms – Getting Paid for Your Export Sales

9: SBA Export Financing – Export Loan Guarantees from SBA

10: Website Globalization – Prepping Your Site for Global Commerce

11: Risk Management – How to Pursue Export Business Safely

12: Export Documents – Managing All the Paperwork

13: Export Controls – How to Satisfy U.S. Export Regulations

14: GDPR Compliance – Satisfying EU Data Protection Rules

15: “Matrix” Market Analysis – Rating Sales Potential in Several Markets

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